Ficohsa Group provides initiatives for a complete education.

Indura Ficohsa

Ficohsa Financial Group is renowned as a solid and reliable group committed to the development of Honduras and especially with children, providing them with initiatives to give them access to a complete education that includes quality nutrition for the good physical and mental development of the child also.

To promote this cause it delivers the school feeding remittance, which benefits more than 35 thousand people in 140 communities of the national territory, including the Pre-basic Education Centers supported by Ficohsa Foundation.

Ficohsa Group 21 years supplying food benefit to boys and girls

It’s important to highlight that this benefit has been supplied for 21 years thanks to a solid and important alliance between Ficohsa Foundation and the World Food Program (Programa Mundial de Alimentos, PMA).

This important institution works together with teachers and family parents for the benefit of thousands of boys and girls from the 140 Pre-basic Education Centers supported in the country, to provide a quality education that offers better opportunities for them to turn into citizens that contribute to Honduras’ development in the future.

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Financial institution supporting the family economy

In addition, the school feeding delivery integrates the community, educational authorities, parents, teachers and voluntary collaborators from Ficohsa Group, aware that food is essential to achieve good school performance and also a supportive measure to the household economy