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Ficohsa Bank contributing to create opportunities for the Future of Honduras.


PorXimena Alvarado

Ene 20, 2022

Ficohsa Bank in partnership with the World Food Program in Honduras, delivered school meals to 140 communities where the Pre Basic Education Centers are located, which are supported in 11 departments of the country, benefiting more than 35,000 Hondurans.

To address the current situation of education, Ficohsa Bank, through its foundation, benefits children with the delivery of a school supply kit, containing materials such as workbooks, glue, play dough, finger paint, and crayons, among others.

Ficohsa Bank delivered biosafety supplies to reinforce care measures.

He also delivered biosafety supplies to reinforce the care measures for the children. More than 7 thousand children will be receiving this great benefit, an important support for the economy of parents.

Ficohsa Financial Group’s volunteer collaborators were instrumental in coordinating this enormous logistical effort, who helped with the classification and packing of the supplies in packages that were sent to the different cities where they were delivered, it is also important to mention the faithful support of the teaching staff and community members who facilitated this delivery process throughout the country.

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